The Freedom Fellowship Church exists to Reach out to our community and Connect them with Jesus, to guide them as they Grow in their relationship and encourage them to put their faith into Action and their heart into Worship.

We are a congregation of believers in San Fernando CA & Lancaster CA that have come together to impact the world for Jesus. We come from many different backgrounds and have a heart for the urban youth, young adult and family. We direct all of our services and programs towards practical applications of Jesus’ teachings while relating to the culture we are a part of at the same time.

We are inviting all Families, Urban Youth, Skaters, Rockers, Hip Hoppers and the like in the East San Fernando Valley and In the Antelope Valley to come and hear the Word of God in a language and way you can easily understand. 

At The Freedom Fellowship Church our specific niche is in ministering to an Urban Youth Culture which has been neglected or isn’t reachable by the traditional church methods. We reach this demographic by addressing issues relevant to our member’s everyday lives. We seek to create a modern worship environment where people feel comfortable sharing their lives and asking questions about God.

Our identity is shaped by the values we live out. These include:

• Faith: All things are possible through Christ.
• Excellence: Honoring God and loving others with all our strength.
• Leading by example: Our lives are our witness.
• Come as you are: Outward appearance is not judged.
• Communicating Truth in Love: Sharing God’s word in fresh and relevant ways.
• Fun: People enjoying God and each other.
• Discipleship: People leading and discipling other people.
• Prayer: People sharing every joy and need with God.
• Relationships: People connecting by building relationships and caring for one another.
• Service: People using their gifts to honor God and build up the church.

To put it quite simply, our true purpose is to love God and love God’s people and fulfill the Great Commission.



Freedom Fellowship Church – San Fernando

11479 San Fernando Rd Unit D.

San Fernando CA 91340

Sundays @ 12:30 Wednesdays @ 7 PM